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The quick... simple...tasty...
alternative to juicing!

Boost your immune system...
boost your energy... feel fantastic

Basic Greens is the quick, simple, tasty way to make sure YOU (and your whole family) get all the fruits, vegetables, and other good stuff your body needs… to keep your immune system working… give you energy… and help you feel fantastic.

We take whole organic fruits, vegetables, and greens (like barley grass, spirulina, and chlorella) and we juice them… then we dry the fresh juice at low temperatures to preserve all the important nutrients and enzymes. Next we combine them with healthy probiotics and herbs… and finally we flavor it, with all natural stevia, cinnamon, and mint.

Then what you’ve got is this beautiful nutrient dense green powder… Just one scoop mixed in 6-8 ounces of cold water gives you the equivalent of 15 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Every glass contains 49 individual ingredients that’ll give you the nutrient equivalent of eating 15 servings of fruits and vegetables. Plus the power of super greens, beneficial herbs, enzymes, and fiber.

The super greens include Barley Grass Juice, Chlorella, and Spirulina. There are also 19 different fruits and veggies!

Also, every ingredient that can be certified organic is and every one of the 49 individual ingredients are the highest quality available on the market.

Look what everybody's saying
(especially what they're saying about the taste.)

Teri Crenshaw
CSCS, Nutritionist
WBFF Pro Bikini Competitor

"I love Basic Greens! especially that it's a whole food supplement. Full of antioxidant rich super foods, it gives me a morning energy boost. Every cell in my body looks forward to it!"

Jeff Sherman
Owner of
Baltimore Fit Body Boot Camp

"I've been taking greens drinks for over a year now and Basic Greens is by far the best one I've had. Not only is it the best tasting, it also has the probiotics and digestive enzymes that the products that cost twice as much have. I have finally found an affordable greens drink that not only tastes great but helps me reduce the amount of supplement pills I take each day."

Randy Griffin
Certified Personal Trainer

"I have always liked the idea of having a green drink on a daily basis. I want my body to get the micronutrients it needs and a green drink or two everyday is an easy way to do it. The thing I never liked was the taste. Most of the ones I tried tasted like freshly mown grass, not very appetizing. Basic Greens is the only one I've tried that actually tastes good. Wait, good is the wrong word, it's delicious! It's minty, a little sweet and not a hint of my lawn mower bag. I LOVE it!"

Tiffani Bachus
Oxygen Magazine Cover Model

"I drink Basic Greens for a post exercise snack. Basic Greens replenishes my body with the nutrients I lost and helps me to stay hydrated. I love the minty refreshing taste."

Amish Shah
Inc 500 Entrepreneur
Visionary Thinker

"Basic Greens is amazing. It has great ingredients, makes you feel great, and tastes amazing. Rare find!"

Heather Madder
Business Consultant
Mother of 4

"I LOVE Basic Greens! It's my new favorite! I've tried so many different kinds and this is the only one that my kids will drink--my daughter even asks for it! Great taste, fantastic nutrition! I feel a boost of energy right away!"

Kevin Cohen
Owner Urevive

"My 30 second solution for getting 15 servings of fruits and vegetables. Nutritional insurance in just 1 scoop each day...easy!"

Keith Baxter
Owner Black Label Sauces

"It's rare that I have a healthy drink that actually has me craving more of it because of the TASTE. Every single product that I buy has to be choked down. Now, not only do I have access to a product that has an incredible ingredient profile, but also tastes amazing!"

Candi McLeland

"I have tried many "nutritional drink" products over the years, and I can honestly say, this IS the first one that didn't end up in the back of the fridge or cupboard for months & months, (possibly even years) 'til I could find someone to "pawn" it off on. With Basic Greens, I even found the closer to the bottom of the can I got, I started rationing my intake, so I would have it for more days. If someone like me with such bad eating habits, and have always had to "choke" down similar products can enjoy this drink as much as I do… there's just no longer ANY excuse for ANYONE to not be getting all the nutrition our bodies need. Thank you, SO VERY much… for creating it. I was honestly skeptical, but I love it… It's a hit for sure!!"

Matt Gill
Business Owner

"This is a delicious and easy way to get my greens in each morning. We know we need 'em, but I don't like to eat greens, and I don't juice very often because it's a hassle….so thanks to Basic Greens, I can now easily pound my greens each day and it tastes great. It's the best tasting greens I've ever had!"

Nena Ellis

"I have tried many other "green drinks" in the past and it's always been hard for me to choke them down past the flavor, but I would do it for the health benefits. I would get a shot glass, chug it down, chase it with OJ and pat myself on the back for doing something good for my body. Then I tried Basic Greens. And now, instead of dreading it, I look forward to my greens in a big glass of ice water. I'll even just take small sips so it lasts longer. It's super refreshing. Minty with the right amount of sweet and tastes like spring... if spring had a flavor. I'm definitely glad I tried it."

Matt Trainer
Entrepreneur / Coder / Fabricator

"To be honest, at first I wasn't a fan. Basic Greens was too sweet for my tastes. But after experimenting with my mix I found I really like it. Now I'm an addict! It's the best tasting greens drink I've tried bar none."

Victoria Jiuditta
Makeup Artist / Singer

"My husband and I just discovered Basic Greens last week. We were both trying to juice but with our hectic busy schedules don't have much time. Basic Greens is a quick mix for on the go and it tastes fantastic! We are feeling great and have more energy during the day! I recommend everyone try it! It's great! We feel happy and healthy! Thanks BG."

Simon Lovell
Consultant / Coach

"I've tried most greens brands on the market and Basic Greens is something special. When drinking greens you kind of expect something weird the first time you sip, but I was pretty amazed. It's minty, delicious and that makes me want to drink more, which is great for my health. Awesome!"

AJ Roberts
World Record Holding Powerlifter

"Basics Greens taste freaking amazing! I gotta say I'm a HUGE fan! I drink it pre-workout instead of the sugary stuff."

Tatum Rebelle
Certified Personal Trainer

"As a personal trainer and nutritionist for the last 10+ years I have never endorsed a nutritional supplement. I don't use them myself or recommend them to clients. Until I tried Basic Greens. What I love about it is that it tastes great. I drink it in the afternoon when I hit a slump and would typically crave sweets. It's also satisfying in the evening instead of sipping an alcoholic drink or eating unhealthy snacks. It is so delicious it tastes like a treat even though everything on the ingredients list is real, healthy food."

Marsha Dale

"Wanted to let you know I got my basic greens yesterday. Thank you so much. I immediately went into the kitchen to try it. I was shocked at the wonderful aroma of mint. The initial smell of anything really influences how well I like a food. When I tasted it I was blown away. Awesome! The minty taste was great. It was very palatable! Not that I don't enjoy the wet, grassy meadow taste...yours was so much better. On top of that, my husband loves it also! That is quite a feat in of itself. He is not normally into greens. Bravo! Great product. We will purchase again."

Robert Stanley
Full-time Business Owner
Part-time Surfer

"I started juicing a few years ago after learning about the health benefits and I love it. The problem is that I can't take a juicer with me everywhere I go. The result is that I juice less than I know I should Basic Greens solves the portability problem of juicing, it tastes fantastic, its good for me and it is very convenient. And I know it works because physically I feel energized after drinking it. By far the best green foods product I have ever used."

Mike Hill
Fitness Marketing Consultant

"Put the "basic greens" into my cup and WOW!!! My first thought was (the taste on the end of my straw must be left over from my tea).... Then I tried a second sip... It was not leftover tea! This is the hands down best tasting formula I've ever tried. All I want to know is can I get this in the 55 gallon drum? My entire family is going to want this, and I can see me becoming very stingy with this stuff!"

Missi Angelo
Fitness Competitor / Model / Writer

"I just got my Basic Greens & may I say, I like how it doesn't taste like lawn mower clippings & more like a refreshing glass of pure goodness!!!"

Larry Ostrovsky
Owner BeWellBuzz.com

"The taste keeps me coming back for more and more... It’s become a staple of my morning routine. I highly recommend it."

Brian Horn

"I'm not a big vegetable eater at all. That's one of the reasons I've been taking greens supplements for a while. Basic Greens is by far the best tasting greens supplement I’ve ever had... there’s no comparison to anything else."

Brad Costanzo
Juicing Aficionado

"I'm a big vegetable juice drinker and give it credit for many of the health improvements I've seen since I started. But I'm also a bit lazy and the thought of cleaning and prepping veggies, juicing them and then cleaning the juicer sometimes causes me to skip juices altogether. I never cared much for powdered green drinks, the way they taste and the fact that I never felt their benefits. Basic Greens changed that. It has a sweet, minty taste that blew me away with my first sip. The ingredients are natural and healthy, but most importantly, I actually FEEL better after one glass. I won't give up my fresh juices completely, but Basic Greens definitely makes getting my greens 100 times easier."

Justin Brooke
CEO IMScalable

"I freaking love this stuff. I hate calling it "Basic Greens" though because it should be called "Awesome Greens." I take a scoop first thing in the morning with my fish oil. Then some days I like to make a strawberry smoothie and mix it in. The minty taste with the strawberries is nutzo."

Mark Schiller
Financial Advisor / Avid Sailor

"For the first time in 10 years I've actually enjoyed drinking super greens, it taste great! For anyone, like me, that has struggled to choke down the taste of a liquid bale of hay just to get your mornings nutrition, give Basic Greens a try. Thank you for making such a great product, it's truly a game changer for my personal nutrition."

Brandi Okrasinski
Attorney / Marathon Runner / Mom

"I have been using it every morning and LOVE it! I actually really like the taste, the little of hint of mint is delicious, and I've felt great. My biggest concern with a greens drink is having unwanted GI consequences which I experienced with one in the past, but definitely not with Basic Greens. I will definitely be placing an order for more : )"

Nicole Jolie
USA Triathalon Certified Coach
& Certified Personal Trainer

"Basic Greens makes my skin and my mind feel and look so much better. I love the taste, even just mixing it in water and shaking it up. It has given me energy and fills me up in between my meals. I also love the the ingredients… but the best part of Basic Greens?!! No soy, no Genetically modified food, no yeast, no corn, no wheat, dairy, eggs, MSG, nothing but REAL FOOD!! Thank you Basic Greens!!"

Antonio Avilez
Regional Sales Trainer
Avid CrossFitter®

"Love this product… tastes great… mixes well! Good way to get your super foods! I tell everyone about it... I highly recommend Basic Greens!"

Katie Snyder
Owner Cave Cakes
Fitness Enthusiast

"I've been on a personal mission to find a Green Drink that not only I would drink but my kids would drink as well. Usually I get looks of disgust, but... this time my kids said 'Can we have some more?!' That's a winner to any mom! Basic Greens is more than just greens. Take a look at the label and you can see what an amazing product this is, but as we all know, just 'cause it looks good doesn't mean it tastes good. No worries. Basic Greens will convert any cynic… It's that good."

Rob Gioia
Competitive Runner

"Having tasted many meal replacements and green's supplements, I can honestly say say that Basic Greens is the best tasting supplement on the market. It's a perfect fit to anyone with a busy lifestyle, who wants to stay healthy, but doesn't always have time to cook their own meals."

Traci Haislip Norton
Aesthetician & Mom

"I could drink Basic Greens all day long...This drink is amazing I've tasted plenty of "green" drinks... but they all made me feel like I was drinking an alfalfa field. Basic Greens has a refreshing flavor not gritty or thick. My 2 daughters love it too! I look forward to this in the morning instead of coffee!"

Kevin Kauffmann
Real Estate Broker
Avid CrossFitter®

"Basic Greens is my favorite all inclusive green supplement. From the mint taste to the fact that I can get all the nutrients I need in just one scoop. Easy and effective."

Mihai Vlaicov
Sales & Marketing Executive

"I absolutely love Basic Greens. I have so much more energy every day and for a guy who eats as clean as I do, this stuff tastes so great it's like I'm cheating haha. I can't imagine going a day without it!"

Joel Sinkwich
Driving Instructor

"Basic Greens is the one two punch I get everyday to keep me at my peak. OMG! Basic Greens and chocolate protein powder… just hit a new level."

Andy Hussong
Consultant & Business Owner

"I've avoided 'green drinks' like crazy, just because of the taste... but Basic Greens rocks on so many levels. Taste, energy, and just an overall feeling of wellness. I drink 2-3 servings/day, and I'm loving it! Highly recommended."

David Schloss
Consultant & Business Owner

"WOW! I did not expect it to taste so good! I plan to order plenty more because most supplements do not compare in taste or health benefits. With a ton of vitamins and nutrients, you just can't go wrong with Basic Greens."

Jared Croslow
Serial Entrepreneur

"Honestly I was shocked that it didn't taste like crap. Everybody says their product tastes good. Basic Greens really does. Before tasting this stuff I could never have pictured myself drinking a green drink for pleasure. Now I'm hooked. It's great. I'm even drinking Basic Greens in the morning instead of coffee."

Stephen Renton
Internet Entrepreneur

"I've been drinking Basic Greens for a month now, and absolutely love it. If you have a hectic lifestyle and are constantly jetting off to cool places, it's difficult to maintain a healthy diet. One scoop of this into a glass of water in the morning sets me up to crush the day .. and it tastes great too, which is a bonus for something this healthy!"

Ryan Kaltman
Entrepreneur / Rainmaker

"Wow, Basic Greens is IT man!!!! I just had the most SPECTACULAR bowel movement of my life. Vegetables have usually been tough for me to get down, but this drink is so damn DELICIOUS!!! I sincerely appreciate your sharing this with me. Life changing really. I drink it every morning now."

Rob Burns
President prREACH.com

"I have no idea how something that tastes this good can be so good for you! Being the president of a new start up company my average work day is brutal, this is just what the doctor ordered. So much better than the McAlternative"

Bethany Tuvene
Owner of Bronzmopolitan

"Tried my first Basic Greens drink this morning and I am obsessed! It is so unexpectedly yummy!! And I may be nuts but I already feel healthier!"

It tastes so great
you'll forget it's healthy!

As you can see… people tell us every day Basic Greens is the best tasting superfood green drink on the market.

It tastes so good… even kids love it.

We all know we should be eating healthier… Basic Greens is a great way to fill in the gaps in your nutrition… it’ll boost your immune system, boost your energy, and make you feel fantastic.

And the great thing is… you won’t have to choke it down… because it tastes so great you’ll forget it’s healthy.

Go ahead and order some now. Your body is gonna love you for it... we guarantee it.


You're going to love Basic Greens. Order some today. Taste its green goodness. See how it makes you feel. Enjoy it for up to 30 days and if for any reason you decide you don't like it simply call us... tell us you don't like it... and we'll give you a 100% refund... no questions asked.

You won’t have to jump through any hoops. We DON’T want you to just be happy... we want you to be thrilled so you’ll tell your friends and family about Basic Greens.


Joyce & Luke

Founders of Basic Nutrition